Zion 1.2

Create rows and columns of matching pieces


  • Captivating gameplay
  • Choice of background images
  • High scores table


  • Not very original
  • Unimaginative token graphics


I've lost count of the number of mobile puzzle games that are based around building rows and columns of matching pieces and here is another one for the collection.

The object of Zion is to make horizontal and vertical piles of three or more pieces of the same kind. Once you've joined them together you get some tasty points, which will vary depending on how many pieces are in the row or column.

The installation of this one is a little fiddly because you need to install each of the background image files individually, as well as the .

prc file itself. There are four backgrounds to choose from, namely: animals, landscape, sea and space and each makes for a pleasant backdrop to the game.

The graphics of the pieces aren't particularly exciting though and it would've been nice if there were different sets of tokens for each background.

It's a well-worn gaming format though it's still pretty challenging and great fun to play. There are also quite a few gaming options, three levels of difficulty and a high scores board to keep the enthusiasm going for a while.

The object of Zion is to make vertical or horizontal piles of three or more identical tokens. You can use the stylus to move the pieces: a tap to move your token, a tap to take a token, a tap to release a token.



Zion 1.2

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